Chalkhill Activities

Chalkhill is the only in-patient hospital for children and young people with complex mental health problems in Sussex. Our young people attend school whilst with us, equally important is helping the young people to develop the skills they will need upon leaving hospital. Thanks to a generous grant from Rockinghorse Children’s Charity, deliver a year-round activities programme at Chalkhill which will run until March next year.

Activities so far have included T-shirt printing, film production and animation workshops, yoga, an outdoor survival and bush craft workshop, sweet making, graffiti workshops, archery, circus skills and daytrips to name just a few! 

“Having meaningful activities to encourage positive engagement outside of school hours is imperative- not having this varied and exciting timetable, particularly in the summer holidays, when there is no school, would be highly detrimental to the young people. Witnessing a patient thoroughly absorbed and enjoying these wonderful workshops, trips and activities, utterly distracted from their mental health problems is fantastic to see and has can have a lasting impact on their recovery”. Emily, Occupational Therapist at Chalkhill.

How you can help

Whether you make a donation, attend an event or fundraise for us, every penny will help make life better for people with mental health problems.