Up for it! Community football team in Brighton & Hove

“It’s a good way to keep fit and you can get a connection with some people which builds your friendship group.” Dave, player

Up for it! is a community football team in Brighton & Hove, supporting men who have been in mental health hospitals to play sport regularly.

The benefits of playing sport on mental health are well known, but for men who have been in hospital, joining a local league can be daunting. Up for it! gives people the opportunity to play with others in a similar situation to them, establish new friendships and build their confidence in living back in the community.

Nick, the Lead Activities Co-ordinator at Mill View Hospital, runs the group “For many men, this can be the first organised thing that they do after leaving hospital and they can then build the structure of their week round that.”

“Some people do attend when they are an inpatient but it is normally once they are living back in the community that they start to come. It is a really popular group and we hope eventually that the team will be self-sustaining with players running the group too.”

How you can help

Whether you make a donation, attend an event or fundraise for us, every penny will help make life better for people with mental health problems.