Urgent Appeal - Covid-19 Relief Fund

Every single day our frontline NHS staff do their very best to support people with mental health problems to stay well in the face of an international pandemic. They have never been under more pressure and they carry on. They are amazing. Inspiring. Courageous. Help us to help them be all these things and more.

Isolating from our loved ones, facing financial insecurity, disruption to our routines, limited time outside, complete change to everything we knew. All of these things are hard. All of these things are huge. Now think about coping with all this and a mental health problem.

For someone with dementia, or suffering with psychosis, for young people with anxiety and depression, for people with a learning disability or autism, imagine the challenge. A hospital admission means no visits from friends and family. It could mean struggling to understand why no-one comes to see you, why you can't socialise with fellow patients, why you are being told to stay in isolation. Imagine how confusing and frightening this could be. Imagine how your mental health could deteriorate further as a result.

Living at home in isolation can be frightening for all of us. For people with severe mental health problems, it can mean the disruption of your entire support network, a time of change to everything that keeps you well.

Covid-19 has the potential to create a mental health crisis for everybody. Our work has never been more important than now. Help us rise to the challenge.

With your support we can deliver activities in new creative ways that will really help combat loneliness, isolation and promote positive mental health for our vulnerable patients. We can develop suicide prevention projects that promote help to people when they need it most. We can deliver on-line mental health support for people who need help at home.

Our staff are putting their own health and wellbeing aside to continue to provide care and treatment for patients who need us. You can provide emergency funds and care packages for our incredible staff, to support their physical and mental wellbeing during these extraordinarily difficult times. Please click here to donate.

Thank you!

How you can help

Whether you make a donation, attend an event or fundraise for us, every penny will help make life better for people with mental health problems.