The Silent Scream - An Anthology of Despair, Struggle and Hope

The Silent Scream: An Anthology of Despair, Struggle and Hope is a collection of raw and honest stories told by people with many different mental health challenges.

Published earlier in the year, the author Maria Alfieri recounts her own experiences of living with and recovering from anorexia.

"During the process of recovery (which for me is always on-going) I rediscovered my love of reading, reigniting my sense of belonging and purpose. Through stories, either fiction or non-fiction, we share empathetic connections, reaffirming our humanity and reminding us that we are part of a collective; we all experience fear, struggle, despair, passion, joy and hope. We find commonality with others in sharing our stories, lifting us out of our feelings of isolation… Stories help us to understand other peoples’ perspective and experiences, transporting us into alternative realities by engaging our attention and triggering our imagination. Stories can be cautionary, endowing morals and principles, highlighting prejudices and prompting social change."

The book is available in hardback and paperback, and all profits from the book will be donated to Heads On. If you are interested, click here for further details.

How you can help

Whether you make a donation, attend an event or fundraise for us, every penny will help make life better for people with mental health problems.