Heads On Iron Hogs Halted But Not Defeated

A massive #HeadsOnHeroes thank you to Major Tony Finch, Sgt Major Jack Hargreaves and Major Warren Mahoney for raising awareness and funds for the Sussex Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club. Although their Iron Hog Challenge around the UK was prematurely cut short, they will not be defeated, and intend to restart as soon as possible.

On Wednesday 26th August, the three Brothers in Arms set off from Maidstone Harley Davidson dealership to begin the Iron Hog Challenge. This infamous task involves visiting as many of the Harley Davidson dealerships as possible in the UK within a very short time limit, with the dealerships in Edinburgh, Maidstone, Plymouth or Swansea being compulsory to visit. Click here for more on the rules of the challenge.

The three riders headed northwards along the Eastern side of the country, visiting HD dealerships along the way, and reaching Edinburgh for a much-needed rest. The next day (Thursday), they set off to Glasgow, intending to head down along the west coast of England to Bristol. Unfortunately, whilst in Preston, a car jumped the lights they were waiting at, leading to damage to two of the motorbikes. Luckily the riders were not hurt, and the bikes have all been recovered.

However, these Heads On Heroes are not giving up, intending to restart the challenge as soon as possible. To date, the intrepid challengers have raised £2,580. You can visit their fundraising page by clicking here. You can follow them on Twitter @IronHog2020 or visit their Facebook page to see hear from the heroes themselves.

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