Friends of Worthing Hospitals lockdown support

The Friends of Worthing Hospitals have kindly supported Heads On by providing supplementary funding for inpatient equipment and resources for Meadowfield Hospital during the Covid-19 lockdown. Meadowfield is situated on the Swandean site, and has three wards (Maple Ward, Larch Ward and Rowan Ward). When the lockdown first came into place, visiting was stopped, leave from the hospital was suspended and outside professionals were unable to enter the building to run groups and activities.

Using funding from the Friends, Heads On purchased electrical equipment which included 7 Amazon Fire tablets, so that patients could keep in touch with loved ones whilst visiting was paused. Personal DVD players, MP3 players, radios and CD players were also bought to alleviate boredom and keep patients connected with the outside world. Other items, such as arts and crafts resources, a karaoke machine and gardening equipment was also sent to Meadowfield.

One patient said "the DVD players have really helped with keeping me distracted whilst I had to self-isolate in my bedroom and wait for my swab results". Another said"I have really enjoyed listening to the radio and be able to listen to the news like I would at home".

As the comments above show, the equipment and resources have made such a difference to patients. "Patients have commented that the DVD players have been of great help especially when they have been isolating. It has given them something to focus on and watching films is often something that they would engage in at home so definitely made the ward feel more comfortable for them. Music can be such a great self-soothing tool so the radios have come in handy with many of our patients who again either have to or wish to be alone in their bedrooms", said Occupational Therapist Technician Tara.

This support has also made an immeasurable impact on staff. "Staff have found having access to these resources a great help. It can be difficult to find ways to occupy patients particularly when they are confined to their rooms so this has been a great help", Tara added.

Without Friends of Worthing Hospitals support we wouldn't have been able to send the quantity of resources we did to Meadowfield. This has been vital to ensure that the effects of lockdown and social distancing, such as loneliness and boredom, have been minimised as much as possible. Thank you so much!

How you can help

Whether you make a donation, attend an event or fundraise for us, every penny will help make life better for people with mental health problems.